Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where did July go?

July zoomed by, which was a bit crazy.

We retired the bouncy seat officially, although she hasn't used it in a couple of months.

For 4th of July we stayed at home and lit a few "Florida-style" fireworks.

We welcomed another IS baby into the world! Poppy finally received her name -- Addison! I can't believe there's another girl in the program! How crazy is that!

We were originally going to go see the Blue Angels in Pensacola, but then decided to go to Orlando to possibly see the shuttle launch on the 11th (Vivian's 7-month birthday!). It takes about 4 hrs to get to Orlando, which isn't bad although the drive is HORRRRIBLY boring.

On our first full day we went to SeaWorld. We spent almost all day there. Vivian LOVED the underwater viewing tank with the dolphins. It scared her the first time she saw them, but then she was mesmerized by them swimming by her.

We tried to go see the Shamu show. We were sitting in our seats VERY early, but then the thunder and lightning started and then the pouring rain. We were getting drenched, even though we were in the covered part of the stadium. The wind was blowing the rain in from the back of the stadium. They canceled the show due to the lightning that was right over SeaWorld. SeaWorld + lightning and that = BAD NEWS BEARS!

The next 45 minutes or so is something we'll never forget. As we were all huddled underneath the outside of the stadium, some kid starting yakking right next to me. YUCK. Chris stuck Vivian in the stroller (which was wet) and covered her up with a poncho and we made a run for it. By run, I mean dashing from building to building, trying to figure out where we were compared to the exit. You couldn't see anything, the rain was coming down so hard. We were wading through calf-deep water. Yes, it was a lovely experience.

We finally made it back to the car and safely to the hotel where we all showered and dried off. I had to buy new shoes, because my shoes were soaked through.

The next day, we headed to Universal's City Walk. We had a wonderful lunch at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, which had a gluten-free menu!!! YEAH for my burger and fries!! The chef even came out to meet with us!

Next we went to Downtown Disney, which was really disappointing. I had been there before when I was in Orlando several years ago for a conference, but there was less to do now that the Virgin Megastore was gone! :( And guess what, like a typical Florida late afternoon, another thunderstorm. We were a bit more prepared this time and closer to the car, so we made a run for it!

The next day we decided to go back to SeaWorld, because we bought an annual pass AND no one goes to SeaWorld without seeing Shamu. So....we finally saw Shamu! What an amazing show!

Vivian seemed to be happy!

Vivian really wanted to go see the dolphins again, so we first saw the dolphin show, which Vivian watched very intently...

....then back to the underwater viewing tank.

The next day we headed home, back to Tally. Oh well. At least we got to escape for a weekend!

Vivian had a 7-month weight-check on the 17th. She weighed in at 19 lbs! Our little girl is getting big!! We also had professional pictures taken that morning! Vivian was on her best behaviour and was very happy! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks to Whitney Fletcher for taking them!!

Vivian also had another milestone. We started additional solid foods. She wasn't sure what to think at first, but I think she really liked her pears and bananas. Sweet potatoes are okay, although really messy!

We also had our first projectile incident! We gave Vivian a mesh teether with a frozen apple chunk in it. We made the mistake of giving it to her right after her 7 oz bottle! Most of those 7 ozs ended up all over daddy, Vivian, and the floor. We survived though, after showers for everyone!

We also took Vivian to one of the local pools here. There is a little tot area with sprinklers and other water features. She seemed to really enjoy it!

Vivian's two bottom teeth are STILL coming in and seem to be bothering her more now. Frozen washcloths and walks before bedtime are helping a bit.

She is now crawling all over the place, which is really fun to watch, but also very scary. She seems to be the most interested in daddy's speaker stand and daddy's power cord for the laptop. Time to finish babyproofing!!

We also bought her a big girl carseat, which she'll be in for a long, long time! She is pretty happy in it so far.

Vivian and Chris come to visit me almost everyday at school and we go for a walk around the campus. It's a nice little break for me and it gets Chris out of the house. Vivian has a friend who is just a few days younger than she is and they like to stare at each other and talk. She has made friends with a lot of the people on the 3rd floor of Stone! Here's Vivian hanging out in front of my cubie.

This week is finals week for me and then 2 weeks off without classes. We're hoping to go away for a few days, but we have no plans yet. I can really only be gone for a week because of my other school obligations (orientation, prepping for a fall class), so we'll see what we can do!

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