Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Barking Seal

Vivian caught her first cold about 10 days ago. During my concept paper defense, Chris had to watch the little boy of one of my committee members. Unfortunately, Aaron was sick (which we knew) and passed his germies onto Vivian. So, she caught a cold which turned into croup. Poor kid sounded like a barking seal when she coughed. She normally sleeps with a humidifier, so we also put her into the steam-filled bathroom a couple of times a day. It was miserable, but the meds from the ped helped her out too. She still has a cold. It's hard when your kid can't blow her nose, so we keep the tissues handy!!

Unfortunately, Chris and I also got sick with colds. Chris was able to take meds. I just dealt with it.

We bought Vivian's first pair of shoes on the 13th. She wore them for the first time yesterday when we went to Lake Ella. We took her out of her stroller for a little bit and let her walk around. She kept saying "SHOOOO" over and over again.

I've been looking into various preschools in NC and found one that I really like. They believe in teaching children about taking care of themselves and the environment and paying it forward. They also feed the children organic foods (from Whole Foods) and are very health conscious. I spoke with the director this morning and then we e-mailed each other a few times. I really like him and the philosophy of the school.'s hoping we can get in!!!

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