Thursday, March 18, 2010

We're back...

in FL. We stayed an extra day in NC. I don't think any of us wanted to come back to FL. I kept telling Chris that we could just send the movers a house key and have them pack up everything and deliver it to the new house. I don't really have to be back here, except for a final exam for my one real class.

We drove straight through on the way home, which was another LONG day. Vivian start to melt down about an hour outside of town. I wasn't happy about coming back here either or being in the car any longer, but we made it.

Our trip was quite successful. We found a house, we found a preschool (Vivian will start there in August), and spent time with some friends. Unfortunately we weren't able to see everyone. We also ate out for every lunch and dinner successfully! Vivian did really well, considering we NEVER go out in FL. Honestly, I can't remember the last time we ate out at a restaurant here. There are only a couple of places I can eat here, so it's really not worth going out.

I haven't been able to go to classes this week. I'm sick with a nasty cold. Vivian is also sick and she isn't sleeping through the night, which means no one in the house is. We're heading to the ped in just a few minutes for her 15-month shots which I'm not sure they'll actually do. It sounds like it's croup again. Ahh..the barking seal! We just dealt with this crap 6 weeks ago.

Vivian became a totally different girl when we got back from NC. She ran all around our 300 sq ft hotel room in NC. Before we went up there she was mostly crawling. Now she's definitely walking all over the place! Her vocabulary seemed to explode too! 15 months seems to be a major milestone.

Some things she says: meow meow (for kitties), baby, Chex (rice chex), bottle (plastic water bottles are fascinating to her), choo choo (for any loud noise), all done, yummy yummy (when she's hungry), dog, hello, bye bye, hi, dada, teeth (loves to get her teeth brushed), cheese, socks, car, shoes, bubble, and poo-poo.

She's a pretty funny kid and still loves to read books. She waves at everyone. It's pretty amusing. She definitely got a lot of attention at the restaurants! Glad to see she's doing so well. Hopefully we'll get everyone healthy again soon. I'm tired of being sick!

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  1. My Vivian is growing up quickly and learning everything around her is fun. Especially the talking. NANA loves to hear Vivian Talk.
    Have Fun.
    Love, Mom