Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 1/2!!

Vivian turned 2 1/2 yesterday. I can't believe it. It's funny to think that last year she started walking and talking and now she's running around, practicing her yoga postures (she calls it stretching), and talking all the time! I'm still having a hard time comprehending that in 6 months she'll be 3. The next 6 months will go by quickly and I'm curious to see what kinds of developmental stuff she'll do. She just started asking "Why" about a week ago. Our standard answer now is "why do you think?" Sometimes she'll actually answer with something that makes sense based on the question.

To celebrate her birthday, we bought a few gifts: a doctor's outfit, a tub of Duplo blocks, and a gardening kit. She loves to play outside (even though it's almost 100 degrees with horrible humidity and a ton of mosquitos -- can you tell I'm happy to be moving in less than a year?!) and dress up in all sorts of outfits at school, so we figured we'd get her a few things for home.

We also went to the NC Museum of Life and Science. There's so much to do there. We've never seen the entire place in one visit, so it's great that we have a membership and can keep going back.

Other than celebrating Vivian's 1/2 birthday, there hasn't been too much going on. I quit my job - as in gave about an hour's notice. There was a lot of crap going on there and it was just best for me to leave. I submitted Chapter 1 of my prospectus to my advisor. Chapter 2 is not too far behind. Chapter 3 is going to need some work. Describing the methodology of what I'm doing is not hard. The problem is that I actually have to show them a fully functional intelligent tutoring system at my prospectus defense -- so that will take some time.

We've been busy planning our trip to Pittsburgh next month. I'm so excited to finally get to see the city and CMU. We're also meeting with our real estate agent while we're there. We've narrowed down our house search to a few areas just south of the city (Mt Lebanon, Upper St. Clair and Bethel Park). They have nationally ranked schools, which I'm quite pleased about. However, I'm not excited about the "school tax." It's basically like sending your kid to a private school -- about 10K a year. But, I am looking forward to seeing my friend Matt and going to a Pirates game!

Here's some pics of Ms Vivian:

Playing dress-up at school

New doctor's outfit for home

Kisses from the cow

Playing the drums

Sitting with daddy

Twirling around in the music room

Playing doctor with Tigger-Pooh. He's getting a shot.

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