Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall in Pittsburgh

This fall has been a busy one, which is why I haven't updated in a couple of months. We took a short trip to Niagara Falls. The original plan was to head up to Toronto, but that just wasn't feasible. Vivian had a fairly short attention span when it came to looking at the falls (which Chris and I wanted to do several times from both the US and the Canadian side) so we ended up finding other things to do. She really enjoyed the Butterfly Conservatory (Canada) and the Buffalo Naval Museum (U.S.) and not much else. The weather was pretty rainy for the most part but we made the best of it.

Our baseball season ended so that meant the end of going to games. (Better luck next year Pirates!!) However, we now have Broadway season tickets and have been enjoying that. Chris and I saw War Horse last night and Chris and his brother, Sam, were able to see Mary Poppins last month. Vivian has also been able to enjoy a bit of theatre here. We bought season tickets for the Pittsburgh Children's Theatre, which performs downtown as well as various areas around the Pittsburgh region. Last month we saw a musical about a collection of various children's books. On Saturday we saw Lightwire Theater present The Ugly Duckling and the Tortoise and the Hare. The theatre was completely dark and the "puppets" were illuminated by electroluminescent (EL) wire. It was really cool to see the characters come to life by basically glowing in the dark with various colors. Vivian really enjoyed it and had funny seeing some friends from school.

We've also been able to attend other events in Pittsburgh. Chris and I went to see Madonna earlier this month. At 54, she still puts on an amazing show!! We're going to see B.B. King on Wednesday. On Friday night, Vivian, Chris, and I and several other families from her school who take gymnastics with her went to the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions. Vivian had an amazing time with her friends. I wasn't able to sit with her because of my vertigo, so Chris and I were able to sit a few rows away from the stage on the lower level. We really enjoyed it too!

We survived Hurricane Sandy, or rather, my family did. I was in Louisville for a conference for the week while Chris and Vivian stayed home. There was a lot of rain and wind, but the house didn't have any issues. Halloween was postponed until November 3rd, so I was able to be home to take Vivian trick or treating!! She was Mary Poppins and looked amazing cute with her authentic Mary Poppins umbrella and carpet bag!

It's hard to believe that Vivian will be 4 in less than a month. We're planning a small at-home party for her with a few of her friends from school/gymnastics. It's going to be a gingerbread theme and the girls will be able to decorate gingerbread men and do a few other activities.

Here's a few pics over the past few months.

Vivian at Presque Isle (Lake Erie), PA

Chris, Lilli and Vivian at Presque Isle

Hiding behind the Concord grapes (NY)

Mary Poppins (sans red bow tie) at her Halloween party

Mary Poppins ready for trick or treating

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