Friday, April 10, 2009

Are we nuts?

I left a voicemail for my dear friend Flora today asking if I was insane. Things are happening at lightning speed now and we had another major change this week. On Wednesday night, we decided that it would be for the best if we left NC when the house closes (or a few days before) and move to a temporary apartment in Tallahassee, versus staying in NC in one. This opens up a huge realm of possibilities.

#1. Chris can start working on his own immediately, which he's excited about.
#2. I can FINALLY take face-to-face classes at school, rather than trying to piecemeal a schedule together each semester with whatever is being offered online.
#3. We can become more acclimated to the weather, town, etc.

BUT, this also means that we're leaving NC in 2 weeks. Literally, 2 weeks from today the movers are coming to pack all of our belongings (except for what we must keep with us -- most of it is baby-related) and put it into storage (still in NC) until mid-July when it will be moved down to our house.

Can you imagine leaving your home for the last several years -- with 2 weeks notice? We are in the process of canceling doctor and dentist appointments that are scheduled weeks or months out from now.

We did find an apartment (sight unseen, of course), but it came highly recommended -- so that's definitely a plus. We need to set-up utilities, order the furniture, etc.

Forwarding our mail is a totally different issue. I swear USPS hates me. They hosed up our wedding announcements, destroyed a few birth announcements, oh..and I'm STILL getting mail from the previous owner of my house -- two years later! I had to cancel the forward to the apt in NC, so hopefully that will really happen. I'm so skeptical of these things. I signed up for a PO Box in Tallahassee online this morning, thinking we would just have our mail forwarded there. Well, they don't tell you (before you click submit and your credit card has been charged) that you need to be physically present to get the PO Box number. So, I can't forward my mail unless I have an ADDRESS! 5 phone calls to the 1-800-ASK-USPS number and an in-person visit to the post office this morning. We went home with a form, which still doesn't help me. Why doesn't it help me -- because in order to get a refund for your PO need the PO Box number, which I can't get unless I'm physically present at the Tally post office. :)

No wonder the price of stamps keeps going up -- it's to offset the number of damn forms one has to fill out to do anything!

On to Ms Vivian -- she's doing great! In about 11 1/2 hrs, she'll officially be 4 months. It's so hard to believe. Our sitter took her to the Duke Gardens yesterday to have her picture taken. I think Vivian had a good time!

Today, I took Chris to work and ate lunch there...and had to change a nasty diaper in the women's changing table in sight. Lovely. Hope the nice granite countertop is still okay! :)

After that excitement, we went to the mall. I totally forgot about the Easter Bunny but I thought it might be cute to get a picture with Ms Vivian. So, I headed to Gymboree (what a freaking rip-off, BTW) and purchased a cute little dress for her, took her to the family restroom, changed her into the dress, and then stood in line for the bunny for the next 1/2 hr. People are SOOO rude and seriously, it's a picture at a MALL people. If you want to get professional pictures, then GET them. Vivian did great with the bunny, but she didn't really want to sit in his lap. So, she stood up while he held her. It was pretty cute! :)

To close, here's a great picture from the other night with all of Chris's girls! :) Vivian, me, and Lilli.

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  1. I loved the expression on the girls faces. Everyone was happy and looking at Daddy and Chris. GREAT picture. Miss Vivian is holding her head up great and can now look at her world. Love, NANA