Monday, April 6, 2009

Another BUSY week!

I have a feeling that every week until the end of April is going to be very, very busy. Here's the quickie update:

We signed a lease on an apt in Cary. It's very close to Chris's work (like one exit away), so that should cut down on his commute and make him much happier. No more 45 minute drive!! This also means that I won't be eating dinner at 8 pm -- YEAH!! Remember, I don't do any of the cooking so waiting for dinner is a bit of a pain. But, at least we eat dinner together!

I spent the week running errands, finishing up a paper, getting all of the utilities in order, arranging for furniture and houseware rental for the apartment, and taking care of Ms Vivian.

Poor Vivian hasn't been feeling too well all week. She poo'd on Tuesday and then didn't poo again until Saturday morning..and then again on Saturday night. I called the peds office on Friday and they recommended helping her out, since she's been vomiting a lot and could be getting dehydrated (which is why she isn't pooing). I think she's feeling a bit better now!

We had a garage sale on Saturday morning. Did pretty well, although it was very chilly in the morning. Everything that was left over went to Goodwill. I didn't want to deal with more Craigslist no-shows.

Our house inspection was on Thursday, which went extremely well. We need to tighten a faucet, move the insulation away from the chimney flue, and cut down a couple of bushes that are touching the house. That's it!

I had a periodontal cleaning on Thursday -- that didn't go well. My face was much too numb and I had difficulty breathing through my nose since my sinuses were numb. Lovely, lovely experience. I HATE the dentist. I'd rather speak in public!

I now have a nasty, nasty cold which means I'm out of commission from packing or doing anything. There is so much to do this week. We're trying to pack the entire house and determine what needs to go with us to the apt (which also means going in the car with us to FL) versus what we can just stick on the truck and keep in storage until the move in July.

We're currently having a tornado warning, so I need to sign off for now! :) I'll update with some pics when I can!

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