Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Whirlwind of a Week

Vivian is definitely getting bigger by the day!

This past week absolutely zoomed by, which was probably a good thing. Honestly, I can't remember what we did Monday-Wednesday. (I hate the mommy brain!) However, on Thursday, many things happened. Cindy came to clean our house in the morning. She does an amazing job, especially on the hardwood floors!! We learned her secret and will be applying it to our home in Tally!

Ms Lilli got groomed. She looks FAR better now!

Vivian had her first playdate! I used to work with Bindu at Cisco. Her little boy, Mathew, was 1 month and 1 day old. He is such a cutie with a very full head of dark hair. How come my kid doesn't have any hair?! Oh wait...daddy....

Vivian enjoyed spending some time in Mathew's bouncy seat, while Mathew slept and ate.

We also had a second showing on our house, which worked out quite well since we were planning on being out of the house anyway.

This brings us to the biggest news of the week! As of yesterday evening, WE ARE UNDER CONTRACT! Yes kiddies, it's true. After being on the market less than one month (this time around), we are under contract. The buyers were the 2nd showing from Thursday. I swear it was the hardwood floors! :) We are closing on April 30th. So, the freaking out has begun considering we don't have a house in Tally until July 15th.

The plan is to rent something here for 2 months (May and June) and then head to Pittsburgh for a week and drive down the eastern seaboard (DC, VA) before we arrive in Tallahassee...hopefully around the same time our stuff arrives.

We looked at several corporate hotels for long-term stay, which isn't really an option. Can you imagine 2 adults, a dog, and a baby staying in 600 sq ft for 2 months? If you answered yes, you probably could imagine yourself on some kind of reality TV show.'s nuts! We looked at a couple of apartment complexes today and found one that should work out. We also will need our temporary housing to be furnished, since the moving truck will be packing all of our belongings prior to closing on the house!

Oh..and did I mention that I'm taking classes this semester? We're closing during finals week. If we can survive this, we can survive anything!

And just because everyone complains I don't have enough pics of my are a few more! :)

Vivian with her lamb (Thanks Tiffany and John!!)

It's true...Vivian can sleep just about anywhere! :)

Hanging with Daddy!



  2. LOVED all the pictures and update. She is growing up. OH SO CUTE! Wish I can see her more, but love looking at the pictures. More for my work and NANA book. She is darling in little hats. I guess I will have to look for summer clothes with HATS. Loved Daddy picture too. We need mommy and Vivian pictures.
    Kisses to ALL. Love, Nana and Popi