Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy 3-Month Birthday

It's so hard to believe that Ms. Vivian is 3-months-old today. The time has gone by so quickly. Of course, the first month you are totally delirious and after that it's same ol' poo, different day (quite literally).

I had to buy Vivian a little gift today for her birthday. I think she likes it!

Vivian started wearing Size 2 diapers today. They look huge compared to the Size 1 and the newborn diapers. She's probably around 12 lbs, but it's hard to tell when you don't have an infant scale.

And of course, Vivian had a "splish-splash" tonight. She wasn't so happy in her mini hot tub, since she just had her "milks" and then we made her move all around. The picture we don't have is daddy covered in projectile milky spit-up.

She's been staying awake much longer during the day now and sleeping through the night, which is great. We're looking forward to watching her grow everyday.

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