Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today is Vivian's first official Halloween! Last weekend, we went to a local pumpkin patch (okay, not like the patches in Oregon at all -- this was a church parking lot). Vivian decided she wanted to dress up and have her picture taken! :)

Chris is still waiting to hear back from Apple about the iPhone game. The process is really vague and some people completely fall off the radar after they have submitted a game for approval. Chris (and his two co-workers) spent the last 6 months working on this game (without income), so here's hoping we hear something soon!!

I'm still surviving the semester, although it's been a rough one with outside commitments taking a LOT of time too. We're still talking about moving back to Raleigh in April and even found a house! We'll see how the next few months play out though. Lots of things depend on whether or not we move in April versus September versus December!

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