Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Fall -- just not in Florida

It's mid-October and we're still in the 80s and 90s during the day and 70s at night. We've been here 5 1/2 months and are definitely counting down the months until we can leave and return to our home in NC (although it's a temporary stop).

We went to a speech/language pathologist this morning so Vivian could be observed while playing and interacting with us and the pathologist. The signs for the autism spectrum won't start appearing for another 8 months, but they'd like to establish a baseline now because there is a concern based on a questionnaire we filled out a month ago. Vivian had a great time playing with the different toys and interacting with Laurie. We'll go back in January for a follow-up appointment.

The biggest news: She stood up by hanging onto something (this isn't new), but then SHE LET GO and stood there by herself for a couple of seconds. I looked at Chris and we both had this look of amazement. It's on videotape!!

We also noticed she has ANOTHER tooth coming in. This time it's on the bottom. So, this is tooth #6.

We had a peds appointment on Monday for her second flu shot. She took it well as always. We go back at her 12-month appointment for another check-up (and probably more shots).

Chris submitted the game to Apple on Monday. So, we wait to see what happens next. Apple takes a couple of weeks to approve the game. After that, the game will be available via iTunes and hopefully we'll have some $$ coming in.

I'm in the middle of midterms and almost didn't make it to one yesterday. Vivian activated the gag reflex again while we were less than 1/2 mile from the house and projectiled all over herself, carseat, and the car. So, we came back home, gave her a quick rinse in the tub, cleaned up the car, and took the other car to school. YUCK! I went to my midterm smelling like yak!

We're starting to think about preschools. The problem -- do we put her on a waitlist here or in Raleigh?! We may be leaving in April or we may wait until October to go back to NC.

I'll try to post some videos sometime so you can see Vivian crawling around and talking to her books.

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