Saturday, June 12, 2010


I know it's been almost 2 months since I last posted, but it's been a total whirlwind since we moved back to NC in April and things aren't still completely settled. Our hope was to move back "home" and get back into a routine -- this wasn't the case.

I decided to leave on the same day as Chris and Vivian, which meant missing out on a couple of events at school -- a retirement party for one of our faculty members and the awards ceremony for my program. However, it meant that Chris wouldn't have to be by himself (with Vivian, of course) for a week dealing with the movers in a new house. Not a good idea.

We took 2 days to drive, which was much, much smarter than the straight-through drive we did in March. I called our landlord on the morning that we were to arrive at the house. I left her a voicemail that we were coming up and that I had no way of getting into the house. Although our lease went into effect on the 15th, our landlord never sent us keys. Several hours later, I finally heard back from our landlord. She gave me the garage access keypad code. That was it! As soon as I walked into the house, I knew she hadn't done anything that we had requested to have done prior to moving in. We also didn't have hot water. We expected her to come over that weekend to do a move-in inspection with us. That wasn't the case. She didn't come over until a month later, after we had e-mailed her our inspection form and after we hired a licensed home inspector, engaged an attorney, and sent her a certified letter that stated she was in violation of the contract AND was breaking NC housing laws.

Fast forward 2 months: We finally got out of our lease. We have a settlement agreement in place and will be terminating our lease at the end of this month. The jist: She feels like she did everything she possibly could. This is what she told our attorney. She didn't fix several of the issues in the house. I'll give her some credit: She did hire a professional plumber to fix the hot water heater leak and leaking hose bib. However, she refuses to fix some things because she doesn't see them as problems.

The other news: We are under contract to buy a new house!! We're closing on June 22nd. We're very happy that everything is working out! Perhaps we can finally get a routine under way, rather than dealing with our nightmare landlord on a DAILY basis. We're very excited about the new house. It's just a few miles from our current house, so we aren't going too far this time! :)

On the baby front: Vivian turned 18 months old yesterday. I can't believe how big she's getting. Her vocabulary has exploded even more over the past 2 months. She can tell you (for the most part) what she needs. She even tells us when it's time to go upstairs, when she poops, and when she's ready for bed. I'm pretty amazed at how well she's doing. We recently bought her a play kitchen, a Kangaroo climber with slide (she got that this morning), and a couple of outside chairs. She loves to play inside and outside. She still loves to read and watch Fraggle Rock (only 1, sometimes 2, episodes before bedtime). Vivian has also enjoyed 3 playdates since we've been back.

We've joined Marbles and Durham Museum of Life and Science for fun things to do. Vivian will also be starting The Little Gym this coming week. We're hoping to start swimming lessons next month at the Y. Preschool starts in 2 months.

Oh...and I almost forgot: Chris and I had a date last month!!!! We went to go see Wicked. The last time we had a date was to see Rent and that was when Vivian was 6 weeks old! I'm hoping that with our hockey season ticket package and the Broadway season tickets we can get out a bit more than once every 16 months!

Here are some pics to enjoy!

Vivian's 2nd haircut

Getting ready to go down the slide


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