Sunday, July 18, 2010


Someone asked me the other day what kinds of toys Vivian really enjoyed when she was an infant - early toddler. So, here's the list:

Fisher Price Baby's First Blocks - Basically a shape sorter with a bucket. It started with just mouthing the shapes and now she can put the shapes in the appropriate holes. She still loves it.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table - Vivian was introduced to this when she was a tiny baby at our sitter's house. When we moved to FL, we had to get one. She still plays with it everyday. It's great because you can take the 4 legs off and sit it on the floor, then add 2 legs back on when she sits up. Then you can add the 4 legs when she stands up and becomes a cruiser.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House - Vivian rec'd this for her first Christmas when she was 12 months old and she still plays with it.

You'll notice a theme here. I'm allllll about toys that aren't just a novelty and that actually "teach" the kids something.

Books - Vivian has always had books and likes to read them everyday.

Stacking cups/blocks - These are great and are transportable everywhere! Get them and you'll thank me on a long road trip!

MEGA Bloks - Vivian likes to build things....and so does daddy! :)

Now that Vivian is older, she really enjoys puzzles (Melissa and Doug puzzles that have sounds), colouring, stickers, books, stuffed animals, her play kitchen, her chairs and tables (all different sizes), balls, and bubbles. She loves her Kangaroo Climber, which takes up a lot of room but it's great when the weather is rainy/too hot and we can't go to the playground.

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