Friday, August 6, 2010

We're still here!

I know I haven't provided a life update in a couple of months. We FINALLY closed on our house, a month after we were supposed to close. It was a very difficult process and even up until the day we did close, we weren't 100% sure we were going to close. Thankfully, the sellers were wonderful to work with and they allowed us to rent the house from them for a month while we worked on securing funding.

Other than trying to close on the house, we haven't done much else. I have to laugh at this, but it's really true. We haven't gone anywhere or really gotten into a routine yet. We've been trying to find sitters/nannies but haven't had much luck. We really miss our sitter that we had when Vivian was an infant.

We did have to buy a new car -- a Honda Pilot (like everyone else, it seems). Vivian's very excited about the Honda Pilot. She keeps looking out the window and saying "Honda Pilot" all the time. Chris's Audi was finally put to rest after it leaked oil in the driveway.

Vivian and I are just getting over colds and have been out of commission for almost a week, so hopefully we'll be back to 100% next week.

We switched ped's offices and just met her new pediatrician yesterday. She was awesome! We really liked her and her daughter is in Vivian's class at preschool!

Vivian is enjoying going to the Y and to The Little Gym. Who knew that gymnastics for toddlers would be so much fun?! She is starting preschool in about a week-and-a-half. I'm really looking forward to it!!! She's going to have so much fun there. We went to orientation a couple of weeks ago. Vivian didn't want to leave! I'm excited for her to learn about composting, recycling, gardening, and living a healthy life, in addition to meeting friends and learning about different topics.

Vivian is also enjoying her new playroom! Her climber, kitchen, PBK table and chairs, some books, alphabet/# mat, and smaller toys are up in the bonus room. Her couch, some more books, and picnic table are downstairs. Her PBK chair and house are in her bedroom. We also recently bought her a wagon and she's having a great time being pulled around the cul-de-sac and down to the greenway.

Vivian finally has enough hair for pigtails!!!!

I've been having a difficult time adjusting to life back in NC. I'm going to be going back to FL in a couple of weeks. My plan is to go back once a month for a week. My hope was to go to FL for the semester and to take Vivian with me, but it's just not really feasible, so this is the compromise. If I need to go down more often (just not move there), then I can do that too.

I hope to keep more up-to-date with the blog. It's just been a really rough 3 months!

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